Life in LA

So… I was poking around, looking for something any one of you could have made (and with no critical opinion or review offered) that would be easy to watch, might even be a bit funny (and comedy is always in the eye of the beholder), but that would somehow speak to moving to and living in LA.  This was what I found:

Only in HelLA is a comedic web series about the perils of living in Los Angeles… From awkward celebrity run-ins to gluten-free homeless men, each episode highlights an ‘Only in LA’ type moment.

HelLA is the brainchild of la native, Rory uphold. Before she could legally rent a car, Rory had a dermatologist suggest “Preventative Botox”. She’s been “Fifteen Minutes Late” her whole life. And based on the amount of parking tickets she’s paid off, Rory’s pretty sure she owns a piece of sunset blvd. Regardless, she wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. This is her love/hate letter to the city she calls home.