Welcome ASU Film TV Theater Students and Alums

Dear ASU Students and Alums,

I created this blog for the purposes of having a spot where I can share articles and stories that I hope will be useful in finding work in the entertainment industry.  A place where ideas and tips and insights can be found that have a practical application that can lead to a long and successful career.

I will be updating and adding posts as often as ideas worthy of sharing are found – while casting as wide a net as possible – so sometimes the posts will be more general “work/employment” wise than specific to the business of show, but still worthy (to me) of sharing.

Most of these posts will be copyrighted material I recopy and share from other sources, and I will always endeavor to include the copyright holder and a link to their source material (though some of these links will not always work, hence the material included in the posts).

This is also a place where you can ask me and other students and alums for ideas and help; a community site for the ASU film, television, and theater family.  To that end, I encourage you to share any good thoughts you have, or success or failure stories you are comfortable sharing (as I will), because the more we know, the more we can grow, and succeed in getting you a job.

Good luck to us all,

Howard B


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